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EXCLUSIVE – Interview with a Windows 8 Megaleaker – Canouna of Winunleaked (run by a mystery figure called Canouna) has gotten tons of exclusive screenshots, leaks, builds and general information about Windows 8 way before anyone else. I’ve always been fascinated by the site because the author seems to be deeply connected to very VERY sensitive¬†Windows 8 builds deep within Microsoft. Well over the past couple of months, I have been trying to get Canouna to go on the record with an interview for This afternoon, he (or she) finally agreed to do a brief EXCLUSIVE anonymous interview. My thanks to Canouna for this. Here’s the transcript: Onuora: Thanks for agreeing to do this Canouna: No problem. Onuora: Why did you start your site? Canouna: I wanted to share what I know with the people who love Windows OS like me. Onuora: Are you getting a lot of traffic? Canouna: It’s depending if I post a news or not, I don’t report news like many other website, all my news are based on what I have in my hands, so this can be 20000 view/day to generally 6000/day Onuora: How long have you been getting Betas? Canouna: Since 3 years now, but collecting (leaked) betas since long time now. Onuora: Why do you get Betas? Canouna: Because I love it, this allows me to follow the full development of an OS, this is very exiting to install a build then discover what changed since the last one, what is fixed, what is secretly masked by microsoft, ect… also im a beta collector. Onuora: What do you think of Microsoft? Canouna: Heh, I think Microsoft is a cool company… a funny CEO and a maestro as president of the Windows Team. Onuora: What do you think of Windows 8 so far Canouna: Exciting, but not new at all, for me Windows 8 is just a Windows 7 with a kind of addon called Immersive/Metro, ect…Anyway, Windows 8 is a good product, based on a stable kernel, Steve, Sinofsky knows how to get success fastly and without major problems… Onuora: What do you like about Windows 8? Canouna: Finally a Microsoft OS who offer you a real pleasure to run it on a touch hardware! Onuora: What do you hate about Windows 8? Canouna: Nothing in general, just I hope to see back the “usertiles” seen on Milestone 1, 2 & 3 builds, with 3 buttons in more (Shutdown/Reboot/Sleep), it’s kinda boring to do that from the charmbar on a non-touch pc. Onuora: How many sources do you have? Canouna: I prefer keep that to myself. Onuora: How fast is Windows 8? Canouna: Windows 8 is fast like a Windows 7 SP1 hardly tweaked! Windows 8, even on Beta stage runs faster than Windows 7 Sp1, the Windows Team have done a really good job. Onuora: What do you think of Software piracy? Canouna: Well, like some games hacker teams say “Buy it if you like it”, so I follow this idea. Onuora: What do you think of torrents and warez? Canouna: Not much, they’ve been here since the beginning, and will be around until the end of the internet. Onuora: Is Windows too expensive? Canouna: Yes is it, it’s surely why people prefer use BIOS mods, loader or infinite rearm solution rather than goingf in to a store to buy the retail box. Onuora: Anything you would like to say to Microsoft? Canouna: Good luck with your next products and just for fun “hire me Steven!” Onuora: Anything you would like to say to the readers? Canouna: Thank you for the trust you have given me, and have fun with Windows 8! Take care of you all ūüėČ Onuora: Thanks for your time Canouna: No problem]]>

Written by Onuora Amobi


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      • Not everyone wants a UI that is PERFECT for phones and tablets to be running on their desktop or laptop computer. The Metro UI is useless to me, and it is a damn shame that I will eventually have to resort to using a third-party add-on similar to Stardock’s Start8¬†¬†application.IMO, Metro is Microsoft’s initiative to standardize the Windows OS codebase across all devices: computers, tablets, mobile phones… sound familiar? It should, because it is precisely what Apple did with OSX/iOS. All I am asking for the option to have the [start] menu back, but that will not happen. Microsoft wants one UI across all devices and giving people a choice to go with the “new and improved” UI, or stay with the “old” UI just won’t fly. New is scary and old is comforting and if you give people the option of scary versus comforting, which do you think people will choose? With Apple, you get two choices: use it or don’t. Is Microsoft heading in the same direction?

        • it’s funny i think the old ui is oudated by half a decade…. and doesn’t work efficiently at all any more especially while multi tasking…. right now to feet my needs i have multiple destops and task bars and the last are always clutured to hell…. i am for once really satisfied with metro and the potential it offers…. i’m already faster with what’s available….now i d like to see how office or adobe cs or any major soft is integrated… tired of those task bar i can see crap using up space… and i have a keyboard and mouse
          but u r right people are affraid of change…. that’s exactly why MS has to force it…. it’s for the greater good of the eco system….
          apple when it comes to actual pc is still a joke… android is so fragmented and messy right now that’s not a viable solution for professional use…. so right now MS has still all the power and it ain’t gonna change any time soon unless every IT guy out there go on a serious lsd trip…

        • who doesn’t like it should not use it, or they should modify the os to look how they want… anyway I think Microsoft should make an option to bring back the old start menu… not for me… but for those who requested this feature…

  1. So far I do not really care for 8.  I said on FB the other day when I installed it it is like when you take your kid in to trade them in, the new one is never quite as good until you get used to them.

  2. Wow! Thanks for the share. Nice interview, I agree with him, Windows IS too expensive, that’s why you got people downloading loaders all over the net. Overall, its was great to tead this post. Nice job :).

  3. Canouna: I was pleased to read this interview.
    All you said is absolutely true and I agree with you.
    I have no more comments because you said all I would like to say about WINDOWS 8.
    Thanks/no problem with Windows 8.
    Go Microsoft Go and good luck. 

  4. Dear Onuora,
    Microsoft started to introduce a new era in software technology by revealing the secrets of words, figures and symbols behavior into an integrated system that is readable and gives us usefull informations using the computer machines. The tiny invention become a huge and complexs businesses and need more care as the words, figures and symbols behavior reveal its expanding enhancements every single minutes, and show a new path to the environment where life will be meaningful in its presence.
    At the early stages, there¬†is no problem using Windows Software, because it’s free of charge and it can be operated on any machines that was release at that time. The modern society that was created needs more fundings, there¬†are cost in the production and some of the materials to build are difficult and rare, so it will push the price of the sofware to become expensive. The Windows software now has become a temptations and some use them illegaly by counterfeiting¬†and copying the product. Some of the product copy are sold legaly¬†in the market at a lower price, and Microsoft has been kind enough to make things easier for us to use the copy for some specific periode of time and by connecting to the Microsoft Activation Service so that Microsoft will help us and give the best guidence and update services for the product release.¬†There’s still¬†some weakness in the product defense that it can easily be use free of charge by using some software tools such as the loader,etc.
    I myself have tried those on my computer laptops¬†and it works, because¬†I accidently formatted the disk and vanishing the original Windows XP Home Edition Program. Now my dell inspiron 8600 machine runs without the original Windows Software Program, it’s a copy and was activated by Microsoft. I was thinking ……. ¬†what if, Microsoft make the Windows Program that will be self destructed within the specific periode of time then there will be no illegal Windows user.
    Thank you.

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