Expensive Windows 8.1 Scam Apps Are Still Being Approved

assurances from Microsoft that the company will clear the Windows Store of these low quality submissions. Redmond even removed around 1,500 such suspicious apps very recently, but it is clear that some stringent rules are needed to maintain quality. Take these new fake submissions for example. The Windows Store is currently paying host to obvious fake applications like Minecrafft HD and Classh of Clanns — note the deliberate spelling mistakes. Both are listed on the Windows Store, and what’s worse, both are really expensive. The former costs $14.99, while the latter can be downloaded for $13.99. Obviously, both are fake apps that have been developed with the intention of capitalizing on the popularity of these two hit games. The reviews published for both these apps confirm that they are nothing but an outright scam. The question, then, arises, couldn’t there be a more rigorous approval process for apps like these? It does nothing but to create distrust in the ecosystem, at a time when it could ill afford it. Agreed?]]>

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