Experts: Wait For Windows Blue Before Upgrading From Windows 7

Microsoft has been busy convincing users new and old to upgrade to the Windows 8 platform by showing off several of the new features of its latest operating system.

But while the global market share of the new OS is continually growing, Windows 7 (and to a lesser extent Windows XP) have been rather slow to drop users. All the while, the software titan is gearing up to launch Windows 8.1, internally codenamed Windows Blue later this year.

Soluto, the PC management firm recommends users in a new report to wait until Windows Blue arrives on the market and then decide if upgrading from Windows 7 makes sense:

“If you’re pragmatic about using the Windows operating system with a keyboard and mouse – there’s no rush. Wait and see what ‘Windows Blue’ has in store for us before you upgrade.

In the market is that if you don’t innovate, you die. Microsoft had to innovate, and time will tell if their big bet was good or bad.”

This much is clear that Microsoft had to make the move to innovate its Windows platform as much as it can. Windows 7 is, obviously, the last version of the traditional Windows, and while the latest version still has the desktop and most its functionalities intact, touch remains the prime focus.

However, judging by the various leaks and insider reports, Microsoft is said to be paying due attention to the traditional side of the operating system in Windows Blue — just as it tries to optimize the touch-based Modern (or Metro) user interface.

Windows Blue is set to hit the market as a public preview next month, with the full version of the operating system on track for release later this year.

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