Eyesight is bringing gesture control to Windows 8

One particular feature of the program touted by the company is called eyeKeys, which allows the user to bind gestures to existing keyboard shortcuts. According to the company, eyeKeys makes it easier to use programs like PowerPoint or control media galleries from a distance. The program accepts input from multiple users, which could provide a more engaging experience for presentations or allow multiple people to work on the same project. “The Windows 8 user-interface has been designed beautifully for touch,” commented Gideon Shmuel, CEO, eyeSight Mobile Technologies, “and OEMs are now hungry for a simple-to-integrate, mass market answer to touch-free control. And as hardware-based solutions incur significant costs, time and real-estate issues, software is clearly the best way to achieve this. eyeSight says their new program is compatible with most operating systems (Apple’s iOS, Android, Linux and previous Windows versions) and can be developed to work with other systems, such as navigation aids. Interesting. I would imagine that they would be an acquisition target for Microsoft especially since they are now a direct competitor to the Kinect. Here’s a video that shows a little more… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lG7U_pNzM9U]]>

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