Facebook Plays Key Role In Windows Phone 7

Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone operating system most likely was engineered now with social networking in mind. Before, mobile phone customers were definitily interested in productivity, entertainment and video gaming programs. Even though a lot of these software programs are generally still significant, a lot more people will most certainly be interested in the social networking capability of a phone. As Microsoft prepares to unveil Windows Phone 7, the emphasis is going to be on social networking.

The world’s number one social network is Facebook. Most of the big smart phone platforms currently have some form of Facebook application. Apple’s iPhone doesn’t include things like a Facebook app, though you’ll find it’s a freely available software program available thru their App Store. To this day, it is one of the most downloaded apps designed for the iphone. Google android mobile phones have got a very similar program accessible through Google’s Android Market. Some Google android mobile phone manufacturers currently have custom widgets which will bring information coming from Facebook to an individual’s home screen. Palm’s webOS has gone one step further, providing address book integration.

With Windows Phone 7, Microsoft have put in place functionality found in the various os’s. The Os provides you with what is commonly often called deep integration. Friends within your address book will definitely be associated along with their Facebook profiles. This will allow for software programs to pull data from Facebook and populate the ‘People Hub’. From here, everyone will be able to easily check an individual’s friends status updates, without having to login to Facebook.

Just one of the popular capabilities available on Google android phones are widgets, which often bring information to the home screen. Microsoft doesn’t employ widgets, but the home screen offers information blocks. One of these blocks is actually specific to Facebook messages.You no longer have to open up an application to check status updates. Information streams in real time direct to the home screen of your Windows Phone 7 phone.

Presently, Facebook is considered an pretty important function for each and every smartphone. Microsoft appears to have used components of functions found in some other widely used smart phones and added them together in their new Windows Phone 7 operating-system. Thru deep integration, they generate real time updates via information blocks that show up on the home screen. In spite of being a late entry to the mobile phone marketplace, the level of social networking functions within Windows Phone 7 really should offer them an edge. For customers, these new gadgets will have wonderful overall appeal to those that take pleasure in Facebook and many other social networking web sites.

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