Facebook to Make Mystery Announcement Today at 1.00PM ET

Late last week Facebook sent out a mysterious-sounding invitation for an event at its Menlo Park, Calif., headquarters. The event is schedule for Tuesday, Jan. 15, at 1.00 pm ET.

The cryptic announcement from Facebook  went:

“Come and see what we’re building”.

This has set off furious speculation across the Internet regarding what this announcement will contain.  Some of the leading theories are:

a)  A brand new search engine a la Google Search – perhaps Facebook Search

b) A Facebook smartphone a la Google Nexus

c) A revamp of the Timeline

d) A Video Chat competitor to Skype and Google Hangouts

Well, the wait is nearly over.  Which of these do you think Facebook is preparing to announce.  My personal opinion is on (a) Facebook Search.  Failing that it will be a piece of hardware, perhaps a smartphone.  However, hardware would likely have been picked up by supply chain chatter in the Far East by now, so I’m sticking with (a).

What do you think?

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