Fake MSN Messenger Installers Start To Show Up On Google

As MSN Messenger prepares to sail into the west, cybercriminals seem to have wasted no time in trying to exploit the situation. Several malicious websites have popped up trying to take advantage of unsuspecting users.

Redmond, earlier this year, announced its plans to discontinue MSN Messenger and move its user base over to Skype — a decision that has left fans and frequent users of the application in a bit of a flux.

Kaspersky Labs has put out a warning showing that some new websites have been launched in order to deliver fake MSN Messenger installers. The fact that Microsoft has removed the download link for the application makes it hard to find the software from official website.

In fact, a simple search on Google returns several dangerous websites, even paid sponsored links of malicious domains that distribute a fake installer with a Trojan hidden inside.

Needless to say users are recommended to avoid clicking on these links which takes them to hazardous websites that deliver malicious software.

MSN Messenger is set for shutdown on April 8 for the English version of the application. The Brazilian version of the software will have lights out on April 30, while China will remain the only country where Microsoft will continue the service.

And one can only hope Google catches wind of these malicious links, and removes them from their search index as well as paid ad listings very soon.

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