Features Removed In The Windows 10 May 2020 Update

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Hand on your heart, everybody! It’s that time again. That time when we learn about the features that are being removed or deprecated in Windows 10 after the launch of a major update.

Which, in this case, is the May 2020 Update.

This latest release of the operating system is now flying off servers, with Microsoft having begun the general rollout yesterday. Alongside that news we got official confirmation of some of the new additions in the OS, as well as intelligence that it still suffers from a few issues.

And as is usually the case with each new version of Windows 10, Microsoft has also published a list of the features that are either being deprecated or removed in this release.

Good thing is that it’s not a particularly large list this time around.

May 2020 Update Features Deprecated

In terms of the features that are being deprecated we have the above. These features will still be part of the operating system, but will no longer be actively developed.

Of these, you may recall the Companion Device Framework, which was a way for external devices like the Microsoft Band to sign into Windows 10. Nothing quite became of that, so it’s being let go. The legacy version of Microsoft Edge is off, too, since we now have the Chromium powered one.

And below is what is actually getting removed in Windows 10 version 2004.

May 2020 Update Features Removed

We already know that Cortana has been replaced with a new app in this latest release. Mobile Plans and Messaging were old and vintage applications. And then there is the Windows to Go feature, which was previously deprecated, and is now being removed.

Nothing too out of the ordinary here.

Most of these features and options were ones that only a few users actually used. Some of them have already been replaced anew in the OS, while others were short lived as it is.

Nevertheless, we do say goodbye to a few good features here.

As we always do, whenever a new version of Window 10 rolls around.

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