Features Removed In Windows 10 Version 1809

It’s that time of the year again. A melancholy, depressing time. One where Microsoft announces the features that are being removed or deprecated in the next version of Windows 10.

This time around, the version in question is version 1809, previously known as its codename Redstone 5.

Now, better known as the October 2018 Update for Windows 10.

And while it brings along a range of new options like Your Phone that lets you send and receive texts and sync your photo gallery to you PC, as well as a splendid new dark mode for the File Explorer, it also says goodbye to a number of key features.

Redmond has published a list that you should give a scan, and there are a couple of heavy hitters here.

For starters, in the column of features that are being removed, we have Business Scanning, the Hologram app, Phone Companion and the Trusted Platform Module management console. These, the company says are being replaced with modern new additions.

As an example, the Hologram application is replaced with the Mixed Reality Viewer, while the Phone Companion functionality is now on offer on the Phone page in the Settings app.

Equally distressing, perhaps, are the three features that are being deprecated in this new OS.

That is to say, they are included in Windows 10, but will no longer be developed. Meaning, there is a fair chance that these features may be removed in a future update to the operating system.

Prime among them is the Snipping Tool that is used to capture screenshots. The software titan is introducing a new universal app, called Snip & Sketch that provides the same functionality. No surprises, then, that this fan favorite feature is no longer in the spotlight.

We also have the OneSync service that synchronizes data for the Mail, Calendar and Peoples app here in this column, as well as the APIs for the Companion device dynamic lock functionality.

Understandably, but sad nonetheless.

Particularly, if you used any of these features above regularly on your Windows 10 PC.

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