February Patch Tuesday Fixes 99 Vulnerabilities

Patch Tuesday

Now, that’s what you would call massive! Microsoft has just released the Patch Tuesday cycle of updates for the month of February, and this collection comes with nearly a hundred fixes.

Fortunately, it installs quickly as long as you have a modern PC.

But all said and done, today marks one of the biggest ever, if not the largest update cycle, containing nearly 100 individual patches. There are 99 in all, but if you count the handful of paid patches that are only available to businesses paying for extended Windows 7 support, then it crosses the milestone.

And with so many fixes inbound, it is probably a good idea to deploy them sooner rather than later.

For once these vulnerabilities are detailed and their risks out in the open, bad actors do like to try their hands at these flaws in various Microsoft software products.

Getting back to the security updates, not all of them are applicable to Windows 10 — though a very many are. Microsoft has packed them up in the form of cumulative updates for the OS that users can install on their systems.

12 of these security flaws are rated as critical, with no less than 7 of them affecting browsers and script engines, with 2 concerning the Remote Desktop Client.

Businesses are recommended to deploy these patches first, on a priority basis.

Get downloading, yo!

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