Feedly Is Developing Something Really Interesting For Windows 8

Google Reader is soon to taste retirement, and the popular Feedly platform is currently considered its best alternative. It is currently only available to Firefox and Chrome users, however.

And this means a lot of Windows 8 users are left out from the fun.

Users that browse the web using Internet Explorer on Microsoft’s newest platform have no option but to install either of two alternative browsers to. But according to founder Edwin Khodabakchian, Feedly may soon land on Windows 8.

Khodabakchian tweeted a short reply to PocketTables, saying:

“We are working on something really interesting in this area. Please stay tuned.”

Stay tuned, we will.

But what is really interesting is whether Feedly is developing a Metro app for Windows 8 users — which undoubtedly is going to be quite helpful for them — or working on bringing Feedly to Internet Explorer 10 so that everyone can access the service.

I guess we will know soon enough, hopefully both options are under consideration.

Feedly is one of the most popular news aggregator applications, and is available for a number of web browsers and both Android and iOS mobile devices. It was first released by DevHD back in 2008, but since then has gained increased attention and acclaim.

And seeing the developers already have experience with both browser integration and apps development, something interesting could quite possibly turn out to be real exciting.

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