File Explorer Finally Gets A Dark Theme In Windows 10

April 21, 2018

Darkness rising! Nah, it’s only the stylish dark theme for File Explorer that Microsoft is working on. And the first signs of that have been spotted in a Windows 10 Redstone 5 build.

Well, more than just signs, a screenshot is out too.

You may recall that it was with the Anniversary Update that the Redmond based company finally decided to add a dark theme to its operating system. Just like it had been doing on the Windows Phone platform for years.

Apparently, giving users the ability to choose between color schemes is a popular thing now.

So, as discovered by Rafael Rivera, this feature is hidden in Windows 10 build 17650, which is only available to Insiders on the Skip Ahead option of the Fast ring.

And this is how it looks:

File Explorer Dark Theme

Yes, as you can see, the feature is in early development right now. Once it is ready to rumble, Microsoft is sure to allow anyone to toggle it on and off using the systemwide theme setting panel.

Which itself will be a first.

As it will the first occasion of the Settings app touching a Win32 app like File Explorer — the old touched by the new. For a good cause, obviously, as dark themes are a fan favorite, and users have been asking for them for a while in Windows 10.

Of course, one thing we all have learned by now is that Microsoft can scrap or delay a feature, no matter if it is announced or unannounced.

So, for the time being, let’s just hope that File Explorer gets its dark theme by the time the Redstone 5 update sees daylight sometime this fall. Heaven knows, it has been waiting for this days for ages, as official support for this style has been a public demand since the days of Windows XP.

Hence the image above.

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