File Explorer Up For Some Significant Improvements In Windows Blue

One of the most familiar of sights in a Windows operating system is the Windows Explorer, or File Explorer, as that is perhaps the most used feature of the OS, this side of the desktop and Start Menu.

Microsoft already revealed a long list of changes it is planning for integrate into Windows Blue yesterday, and this much is sure that the company is focusing not only on the Metro UI, but also on the desktop environment in the upcoming refresh of its flagship operating system.

And it appears that File Explorer is also going to be significantly improved in the next iteration.

According to Ed Bott of ZDNet, File Explorer, the default file manager that is available in the desktop side of the company’s new platform will get a bunch of notable improvements, though no specifics have been provided as of yet.

Additionally, there are rumors that Microsoft will also integrate a Metro based file manager in the upcoming release of Windows, thereby giving tablet users an option to organize their files a lot easier.

File Explorer is obviously the reinvented version of the classic Windows Explorer — the now classic file manager that has been around since the days of Windows 95.

This application received plenty of enhancements in Windows 8, including a revised interface, and it will be interesting to see what the software titan has planned for it in Windows Blue.

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