How to use File History in Windows 8

In this post we are going to learn all about ‘File History’ in Windows 8 and how to implement the automated back up feature.

We’ve all had that frustrating moment when we’re working on a project and there’s a power cut, random restart or god forbid the blue screen of death. Even worse some of us have experienced complete hard drive failure and in a split second lost cherished family photo’s and videos that are irretrievable. ‘File History’ in Windows 8 makes data loss a thing of the past, no  more project re-writes, no lost memories and best of all no need to throw your monitor at the wall in frustration.

First thing you need is an External Hard Drive (HDD), prices range from £35 upwards dependant on the required storage space.

In a matter of minutes you can activate ‘File History’ and feel safe in the knowledge that at regular intervals your precious files, contacts and favourites are being backed up to an external HDD. The system also backs up files from SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage facility (if you happen to be using it). ‘File History’ also allows for you to roll back to previous versions of a document, handy if you preferred a previous version of you project/masterpiece.

So now you know what it is, lets learn how to implement it. Check out this handy guide by Firebrand Training and learn how to use ‘File History’.

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