Final Build Of Outlook 2013 RT Lands On The Windows Store

Windows RT 8.1 users are, without doubt, the most steadfast amongst the overall user base of Microsoft’s modern platforms. Windows 8.1 in of itself is as feature rich as they make them, newer server platforms are stable, and Windows Phone 8 is improving by the month.

But users of Windows RT seem to be aware that Windows on ARM is an operating platform still in its infancy, and as the saying goes refinement only comes with age.

Well, those of you that upgraded to Windows RT 8.1 can now enjoy the final version of Outlook 2013 RT that Microsoft has just made available on the Windows Store — it is only compatible with the latest version of the ARM base operating system, by the way.

The company seems to have completed the development process as the app has been pushed out of beta. In good time, as the license for the preview version is set to expire on January 2014.

Meaning all users will be required to update to this final build early next year.

Windows RT 8.1 tablet users, however, will find that even though the app is available on the Windows Store, the app lacks some features that were available in earlier builds. Options like support for macros, custom programs and add-ins.

Also absent is integration with Lync — a major miss for enterprise users.

Still, these features will make it in future updates to the app along with more enhancements. For the time being, you can download it for free by firing up the Store on your Windows RT 8.1 device.

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