Final Version Of Internet Explorer 10 For Windows 7 Gearing Up For Launch

Microsoft is getting ready to release the final version of its flagship browser, Internet Explorer 10, for Windows 7. The browser is currently only available for Windows 8.

Inside sources revealed to The Register that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer division is planning to release the new browser at the end of February or at most, early next month. Redmond had initially slated the browser’s release sometimes towards the end of next month.

What’s the hurry, you may ask?

Redmond’s Internet Explorer team wants to get IE10 on as many computers as possible given the time and money it has invested in the new browser. But importantly there is also the Windows 7 upgrade wave as companies and businesses are migrating to that operating system.

Internet Explorer 10 may be the company’s newest browser, but it is also (as of right now) one of the least used one. The reason is Windows 8 and its slow adoption rate. According to the latest statistics, IE10 currently only commands a 2 percent market share.

Businesses and enterprises rarely pick up a browser that is not being used, as this risk application, plug-ins and add-on incompatibility.

Microsoft on January 30 released the Internet Explorer 10 update blocker toolkit, allowing businesses that want to stick with their previous IE version to block the automated installation of IE10 — another sign that the final release of the new browser is (almost) upon us.

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