Finally Windows XP web usage less than 50 percent

Techspot At the end of July 2011, Microsoft can say that Windows XP is now used by less than half of all Internet users. Windows XP’s market share is eroding, and Windows in general is slowly slipping as well: between June and July, it fell 0.63 percentage points (from 88.29 percent to 88.76 percent). At the same time, Mac OS gained 0.22 percentage points (from 5.37 percent to 5.59 percent) and Linux gained 0.03 percentage points (from 0.95 percent to 0.98 percent). Unsurprisingly, mobile operating systems gained share. In the same time period, Windows 7 gained 0.74 percentage points (from 27.13 percent to 27.87 percent). Windows Vista meanwhile slipped 0.28 percentage points (from 9.52 percent to 9.24 percent) and Windows XP fell 1.19 percentage points (from 51.13 percent to 49.94 percent). In about a year’s time, we should see Windows 7 pass Windows XP altogether. As you know, I want XP to vanish and it seems like XP users are FINALLY migrating… That number needs to get to 10% before I’m satisfied…  ]]>

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