Find on Page feature in Edge is getting amped up

October 21, 2022

A core feature in Edge is getting some refinements? Sign me up, Scotty! For a fair bit, it seemed Microsoft was focused on bloating its web browser with additional features that few wanted.

This is at a time when the operating system’s core UI and feature set could use a lot of work.

Well, it’s a good thing the software titan is finally getting around to improving these core options in the web browser. This time around, the focus is on the Find on Page feature, which is already part of Edge.

An updated flavor of it has just become available for some testers in the Canary channel. It offers a range of options that testers can toggle on or off after firing up the feature by pressing the Ctrl + F keys or selecting the Find on Page feature from the main menu.

Edge Find on Page Filtering

As of this writing, the following filtering options are available:

  • Include related matches: The browser highlights words and phrases that might be related or similar to the request entered.
  • Match case: Enables case-sensitive search when you want to find a specific upper-cased word.
  • Match whole world: Finds only words and omits parts of words that match your search request.
  • Match diacritics: This option lets you find only accented characters. It pairs nicely with the new Quick Accent tool in PowerToys.

Good stuff, and it should really come in handy.

If you want to give these newly updated feature sets for the Find on Page in Edge, you can download the latest Edge Canary release from the official website here. Not everyone gets in on the first try, so you may have to wait to get access to these new additions.

But they should soon be available in the main release after due testing.

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