Firefox 63 Brings Support For Windows 10 Dark Mode

A new version of the Firefox web browser is in the air! And Firefox 63 brings with it several improvements for Windows 10 both in terms of looks and features.

Including support for the dark mode in the OS.

In fact, this very much is the highlight feature of this new release, which means that Firefox can finally match the visual style that is configured on the operating system. In other words, whenever you change the look, the browser will automatically adapt to it.

This helps provide a more consist look across Windows 10.

Take a look at how Firefox looks with the dark theme enabled in the operating system:

Switching the visual style in Windows 10 also changes the Firefox theme instantly, with no need for a reboot or restarting the browser.

Firefox 63 also packs in some performance enhancements, so Windows 10 users should notice that the new version runs a tad faster and feels a bit snappier after the latest version is deployed.

Every inch of speed is important here — so these are always welcome.

The latest version also promises to offer improved protection from tracking cookies to prevent third-party firms from monitoring your browser activity as you move around the web. Essentially, it prevents trackers from following you around from site to site.

Firefox is considered a top alternative to the native Microsoft Edge web browser on Windows 10, and these latest improvements will only help increase adoption among users of Redmond’s latest OS.

It is currently the second most popular browser on Windows after Google Chrome, which leads the PC market with a share well above the 60% mark. Firefox is way behind with around 10%, but this is still double the slice of pie that Edge has to its name.

Ready to take the latest version of Firefox for a spin?

Grab it form the link below.

Download: Firefox 63

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