Firefox Developer Thinks Windows 8 Is Not In Trouble, Far From It

expressed his views on the whole ordeal saying that the discontinuation of the Metro version of the browser does, in no way, imply that the operating system itself is in trouble. Straight and square:

“Is Windows 8.1 modern UI in trouble? No. Did Mozilla make the right decision with Metro given the current circumstances? Yes.”
He further confirmed that while the Metro version of Firefox did not attract too many testers, but there are a number of reasons for this — it does not necessarily mean that users are not interested in this touch optimized version. The wholesale changes that Microsoft made in Windows 8 might actually be the cause. The modern operating system does not allow a browser to run in Modern UI unless it is also configured to be the default choice in the desktop environment. And that’s not all, choosing a default browser in Windows 8 is also a lot more difficult as this process has been revised, and comes with a series of steps. But ultimately, while Firefox for Windows 8 is a loss for the modern operating system, there is still that slim chance that Mozilla will get back to development at a later date. All that is required is a larger user base, and some additional usability optimizations from Microsoft.]]>

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