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Firefox Metro Suffers Yet Another Delay, Launch Pushed Back Till March

postponed till March, as noted on the company’s official page. Firefox 28 is on track to go live on March 18, and the Metro flavor of the browser will launch alongside this version. That is, provided, the development does not suffer from more hiccups! Mozilla, as you may recall, first announced its intention to develop a Metro flavor of its popular web browser some two years back in February 2012 — before the arrival of Windows 8. Since then, the browser entered the Aurora beta channel this past September, but the fact that developers had their hands full with bugs and other such issues meant that a public release was pushed back. This new delay, while not exactly severe, will still be a bit of a letdown for fans. But hey, as long the release date does not get pushed further back, eh? For its part, Microsoft has made a thousand and one improvements in Internet Explorer 11, making it a smooth, fast and optimized experience, particularly on tablets and touch enabled devices.]]>

Written by David Blair

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