First Evidence Of Windows Phone Blue Sighted In The Wild

The past few weeks have all been about Windows 8.1, from a detailing of the features of the upcoming operating system, to Outlook 2013 RT and more.

Redmond has, however, been quiet on other members of the Blue initiative, particularly the important Blue version of Windows Phone 8. We do know that it is coming, but now evidence that the company is testing early builds of Windows Phone 8.1 have started to surface.

And most of the have been picked up by Windows Phone app developers.

One such Windows Phone developer, Tom Myles, posted an image of his analytical data from one of his apps (Archiver) over at Reddit saying that Microsoft has started to test an early build of the smartphone operating system.

The image above clearly shows the various version numbers for Windows Phone 8, and the one that stands out looks like an early Windows Phone 8.1 build.

Windows Phone 8 currently goes up to version number 8.0.1211.204, while the Windows Phone Blue version number flies in at 8.10.12076.0 — in other words, Windows Phone 8.1.

Obviously this version number increase is all we have for now for the next upgrade to Microsoft’s mobile operating system. The company will most likely reveal more information about Windows Phone 8.1 at the BUILD developer conference set to take place in San Francisco in late June.

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