First Generation Surface Pro Is Now Officially Discontinued

There already are a million things that are different between the original RT and the original Surface Pro, and now you can add another one to the list. The Pro is officially discontinued seven months into launch.

Microsoft unveiled a completely new generation of its Surface family of tablets this Monday at an event in New York City, and with it brought along a new future strategy when it comes to sales.

October 22 is the date when these new and refreshed tablets will hit store shelves, and while Redmond plans to continue making the Surface RT available for purchase, it will bring the curtain down on the first generation Surface Pro model.

This is an expected move as a much more powerful Surface Pro slate is now available to users, but if you were planning on getting the original Pro at a discounted price, then that’s not happening.

Microsoft provided a statement to Neowin, and without stating a reason said that the new model of the Surface Pro brings much more to the table than the original one:

“When Surface Pro 2 becomes available, Surface Pro will no longer be available for purchase from Microsoft or its retail partners. Our goal is to help as many customers as possible experience all the benefits Surface has to offer. Starting at $349 for Surface RT 32GB, it’s extremely easy to join the Surface family.”

This means the original Surface Pro has been on the market for seven months, after launching to quite some fanfare back in February 2013.

There had been third party reports that the Surface Pro has had a pretty decent run, and the powerful tablet was moving good numbers. The same cannot be said for the Surface RT, though. And this is probably why it still continues to be available, but at notably discounted prices.

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