First Intel Coffee Lake Quad Core Notebook Sighted

Stuff that dreams are made of! We do know that Intel is upping its game as far the Coffee Lake processors are concerned, not only on desktops but notebooks too.

The launch and truly earned success of AMD Ryzen processors has brought along the winds of change.

Change that the PC market desperately needed — at least on the mobile side of things.

While modern laptops do come with fairly capable processors, Intel has been focused on keep the core count low. Almost all mainstream models make do with dual-core chips, that scale things up to 2 additional virtual cores via HyperThreading.

But there have been some very strong whispers lately that the 8th generation Intel Coffee Lake line of CPUs will usher in the full 4 cores, 8 threads solutions.

And here we are with the first such notebook spotted in the wild.

An Acer Nitro notebook has been leaked, showing the Core i7 8850U chip pretty much delivering twice the performance of its predecessors. It runs at 1.80 GHz, and boosts things up to 1.99 GHz at will, all within a 15 watts package.

Speaking of packages, the AN515-31a sounds like pretty capable machine, with 20GB of memory and a GeForce GTX 10 series graphics chip, with a price tag said to be under the $800 mark.

If this is what manufacturers are preparing for this coming season, then you can be sure of some really impressive Windows 10 hardware hitting the stores in the coming months.

Hardware that will blow your socks right off!

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