First look at the new Windows Store design tweaks

March 8, 2021
Windows Store Refresh

The Windows Store has quite an infamous reputation. One for its buggy behavior, slow loading pages, and to top it off, an egregious downloads process. But some of these negatives are set to be turned into positives.

With Microsoft working on the Sun Valley update for the OS, the company is expected to include some sorts of improvements for its app store. And they come at the right time too, considering Windows 10X is a platform that will make heavy use of the repository.

Currently testing out these new tweaks with Insiders, a preview of the Microsoft Store update has now surfaced that should be coming soon to all devices.

Windows Store Loading Animation

And though there are no radical changes and extreme makeovers in this update, Redmond is testing this as a minor update that introduces a new Compact UI, a new loading animation, and plenty of Fluent Design touches.

Speaking of Fluent Design, the update includes a new design element called Reveal that is visible when hovering over certain elements like menus, sidebars, and buttons in the store. Reveal is currently applied to Groove Music, Mail & Calendar, Windows Start, Action Center, and other apps and pages.

Windows Store UI

The update also enables the Microsoft Store to display the same content and menus, even when you change the size of the window.

This Compact UI is also supposed to improve the responsiveness of the app store when using the web-based container.

Sun Valley is on track to land in the second half of this year, with Microsoft expected to tease the next generation of Windows within the next couple of months.

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