First Surface Pro Bug Unearthed

Who would have thought the stylus pen bundled with Surface Pro would be the one making most of the news, this side of supply issues. But while Microsoft is still struggling to fulfill demand, a few buyers are already complaining of what seems like the first bug for the slate.

The bundled pen already suffered from pressure sensitivity and eraser problems in most applications, but that is obviously down to drivers and API issues, and should take care of itself as more software programs are optimized to work with the pen.

This new issue, however, is down to some internal software conflicts.

A user posted on the official Microsoft support forum when the Surface Pro pen stopped working all of a sudden. And apparently, the user is not the only one:

“I received my Surface Pro yesterday and the pen worked fine at first and now after being asleep for a few hours, it is no longer being detected by the screen. I’ve rebooted and even perform a system restore and still nothing. Has any one had similar problems, and if so have you cured them?”

Luckily an unofficial workaround was suggested. The only way to make the pen work again is to uninstall it from the “Device Manager” and then rebooting the tablet, and then obviously, reinstalling then pen with the same drivers to make it work again.

This obviously not being a hardware issue gives hope that Microsoft will fix the problem in one of its Patch Tuesday updates, probably next month.

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