First Update Tuesday For 2015 Brings One Critical Fix

Microsoft has started rolling out the first Update Tuesday fixes for 2015, and a total of eight security bulletins are now available that fix recently unearthed vulnerabilities in its software.

One Critical update is up for grabs this month.

But on the whole Windows desktop and server versions are the only solutions that have been patched in this round, along with the usual new version of the Flash Player for Internet Explorer — this last bit is important, though as it fixes a total of nine issues with the Adobe plugin.

IE 10 and IE 11 are automatically getting the new version, so make sure you install this if you use Flash Player regularly on your systems.

Of the eight security bulletins released by Microsoft, seven come rated as Important, with MS15-002 being the only Critical update, meaning this is the first fix system administrators should deploy.

Nothing severe, though, as this patch only fixes vulnerabilities with the Microsoft Telnet server, which is not actually used widely.

Speaking of things that are not used widely, Microsoft changed the way how it informed users about Update Tuesday rollouts. Users are no longer provided with free advance security notifications, as the software titan has said that they are not exactly popular with end users.

Organizations and customers with paid Premier support contracts do get access to them, though.

Anyway, the updates are now flying off servers, and although there are no firmware refreshes for the Surface tablets or fixes for other Microsoft software, the Windows platform is in line for plenty of action.

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