First Update For Windows 8.1 Reportedly Set For An April Launch

The work never stops at the House of Windows! And while we already have an idea that Microsoft is working on a couple of different version of its flagship operating systems (at least), some new details about what is in store for us in the coming months have surfaced.

Redmond’s immediate priority is releasing a new update for Windows 8.1 early this year.

Going by the name of the Spring GDR Update, this new version of the operating system is expected to go live alongside newer Surface slates with 4G LTE capabilities.

Win8China actually has gotten wind of what Microsoft is thinking of calling this particular update. And according to this new report, the upcoming release is expected to be called either Windows 8.1+ or Windows 8.1 Update 1.

In other words, we can lay to rest the Windows 8.2 designation.

This also means that while the new update will bring along a lot of improvements on both the performance and feature side of things, it will, for all essential purposes, be something of a service pack. A kernel update along with support for low specification processors (think 1GHz) is on the cards, though.

The above source also claims that development of this new Windows 8.1 Update 1 is on track to be finalized by March at most, and Redmond has started internal testing of this as of this writing.

An April launch, is then, a distinct possibility.

Which, come to think of it, coincides perfectly with the BUILD developer conference. Anyway, file this as an early rumor for now, but expect some feature and screenshot leaks in the coming weeks.

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