First Wave Of 64-Bit Bay Trail Windows Tablets Expected At MWC 2014

claiming that these tablets will make their debut at the event in Spain, and at least one vendor is ready to unveil such a device during the conference. Now you may be wondering why almost most Windows 8.1 tablets are running the 32-bit flavor of the operating system. Even those based on the Intel quad-core Atom processors. This is because it comes down to the amount of RAM. Most Windows 8.1 slates make use of 2GB of memory. And since one of the primary reasons for going with a 64-bit operating system is the ability to take advantage of 4GB or more of RAM, the current situation becomes clear. But since organizations are now looking to standardize on 64-bit operating systems and 64-bit applications, the first wave of Bay Trail devices that run on the x64 architecture is incoming. When it comes to hardware vendors, Dell has already announced its intention to add 64-bit operating system support to its Venue 8 Pro and Venue 11 Pro line of tablets later this year. In fact, Microsoft has also confirmed that such devices are about to mark their arrival in the very near future. The big question, then, is which hardware vendors becomes the first to unveil its 64-bit Windows tablet at the Mobile World Congress 2014 event — we should find out in just a little over a week. MWC 2014 is set for February 24 to 27 in Barcelona, Spain.]]>

Written by Lisa Gupta


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