First Windows 10 S PCs Enter The Realm

The education realm, that is. Windows 10 S may be a bit of a curious piece of software, but ultimately, the focus will not be on the operating system itself, but the hardware that it powers.

Hardware, designed for schools, in particular.

Microsoft has been losing the grip on the education market these past couple of years — and you can thank the cornucopia of Chromebooks that have flooded the market for this. Windows 10 S is supposed to the answer to the low-cost Chrome OS powered devices that now rock the world.

Topping sales charts, all over the globe, and in the United States, in particular.

Anyway, with now Redmond having a counterstrategy in place, the company is all ready to unleash even lower cost Windows 10 PCs for schools.

Some of which could be priced as low as $189.

The company announced today that the first wave of these lower cost devices will be available for education customers to buy in the coming months. The Back to School season is just heating up, and Microsoft partners are ready to unveil their latest Windows 10 S creations.

A few even have, including:

  • ASUS Vivobook W202 ($279 USD)
  • Dell Latitude 3180 ($229 USD) and 3189 ($299)
  • Fujitsu LIFEBOOK P727 ($999 USD)
  • HP ProBook x360 11EE ($299 USD)

The ASUS device will be exclusively available in the US, for now. Dell machines in the US and Canada, same for Fujitsu. While the HP notebook is set to hit store shelves in the US, UK and Australia.

Not bad, for organizations looking for some good deals.

Of course, these machines will only be sold in the education sector. The general public has the option of snapping up the Surface Laptop, if they, for some reason, want to hop onto the Windows 10 S train. But this new lineup of devices is sure to get bigger, as time goes by.

Nevertheless, you can check out this website that Microsoft has set up for education for more details.

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