First Windows 10 UWP Game Cracked

Pirates strike! It’s not often we talk about piracy on Windows 10, as Microsoft did a solid job of keeping things secure on its platform up until now. But pirates have cracked the first UWP game.

Zoo Tycoon, be the name.

Cracking group CODEX has managed to bypass the 5 different layers of DRM that were stacked up on top of the Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection game. These were MSStore, UWP, EAppX, XBLive, and Arxan.

Basically, what this means is that the security of the Windows Store apps has been broken through for the first time, and this is a proper crack, not a bypass.

This is what the release group said:

“This is the first scene release of a UWP (Universal Windows Platform) game. Therefore we would like to point out that it will of course only work on Windows 10. This particular game requires Windows 10 version 1607 or newer.”

Obviously, it remains to be seen whether this is a one-off event resulting from a particular flaw in its release, or whether similar exploits for other big-name AAA titles follow. There are a few such high-profiles games available on the Microsoft Store.

And up until now, Microsoft had hyped up the security of is apps repository, claiming that the Microsoft Store prevented piracy, something which has been a serious issue for the company in the past.

Remains to be seen how Redmond reacts to this, and whether it amps up protection from here on.

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