First Windows 10X preview build may be pushed to Insiders soon

June 22, 2020
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It looks like Microsoft may be gearing up to push the first Windows 10X preview build to Insiders soon. As in, before this month is out.

Things have been awfully quiet on the Windows 10X front lately, with Windows Insiders hoping to hear more about the plans to test the new operating system on real hardware. And although Redmond has not announced anything yet, it certainly is something the company has been thinking about internally.

There are signs that Microsoft may be ready to release the first Windows 10X build in the coming days, likely this week. And it is widely expected to be from the Iron branch.

A well-known source has posted screenshots from the code that reveals build 20141 may be the first one to go out for Windows 10X.

Leak Build 20141

We may well have a treat in our hands, soon.

Microsoft recently confirmed that Windows 10X will arrive for single-screen devices first, and only once the new operating platform is properly optimized, will the software titan formally transition to dual-screen hardware, which was originally the plan.

This new variant of the OS is considered to not only be faster and aesthetically more pleasing, it also does away with many of the legacy components that have dragged Windows down over the years in terms of both performance and usability.

In the truest of Microsoft fashions, this is a fresh start.

And we may just get access to it in the coming days!

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