First Windows 8.1 Update Screenshots Leak Out, New Build Could Be Out Next Week

First Windows 8.1 Update Screenshots Leak Out, New Build Could Be Out Next Week

Oh boy, that did not take all that long! Feels like Windows Blue all over again. Microsoft is working on the first major update to Windows 8.1 that is on track for an April unveil.

And even though Redmond has kept everything a secret until now, partner testing means that some new details have floated up. Remember Wzor, the serial leaker of several Microsoft software products in the past? Well, he (or she) now has some more information on what is cooking behind the scenes.

It is being claimed that Microsoft is getting ready to send this new build to partners sometime next week. This new flavor goes by the title of Windows 8.1 2014 Update.

And chances are that it may be leaked sometimes after January 14. This is probably when this build will be widely distributed to partners. No guarantees, however.

Some new screenshots are also posted that show this new updated version in action, though understandably it is hard to notice any major visual changes at this moment.

As one would expect, the update is to be offered for free, and those of you in the mood to test it out will need to install it using your Windows 8.1 RTM keys — though keeping in mind that this is early code, it is best not to deploy it on your main work PC.

Nevertheless, this update will bring some major new features once it sees daylight in April. We should have a better idea of what is in store in the coming weeks.

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