Five Dialysis Windows Vista Failed Because

Although Microsoft is to personal computer manufacturers extended the deadline for WindowsXP license for six months, but this Quedui IT companies do not have much impact, because volume licensing agreements will allow IT for many years in the future can continue to installation of WindowsXP, but Microsoft’s move to extend XP supply agreement is another symbol of the failure of Vista.

WindowsVista’s public reputation as “in ruins” to describe the point can not be overstated. Overwhelming majority of IT departments that have not considered using the Vista operating system. According to market research firm Forrester’s findings, the end of last June (Vista launch of the first 18 months) on a global scale, only 8.8% of enterprise computer running Vista. At the same time, Microsoft seems to have Windows7 research and development put on the agenda, commitment to next-generation operating system released in 2010. These are for the IT department provided sufficient grounds for over Vista, “to concentrate on” next-generation operating system to wait for the release of Windows7.

Therefore, Vista is the cause of the current Taiwan? Oh, let us analyze the following one by one the 5 major causes of failure of Vista.

5. Apple successfully demonized Vista Apple’s “I’mamac ad campaign is very much a very clever idea, not only promote the success of their products, and returned to the individual user instilled” such a thought: WindowsVista loopholes and more consumption of resources and easy to use and poor. Put the apple in two years of attacks, Microsoft finally took counter-measures recently introduced the “I’maPC” ad campaign to defend the honor of Windows operating system. Although the move has the potential to Windows brand as a whole to restore some strength, but difficult to save Vista’s weakness.

4.WindowsXP impact on people’s deep-rooted.

According to IDC statistics, since 2001, when the WindowsXP released worldwide about 600 million computers using WindowsXP, 80% of personal computers running the Windows operating system, but it is divided into two camps: Windows95/98 (65%) and WindowsNT/2000 (26%). WindowsXP is one of the great objectives of integration Windows9x and WindowsNT code base, and WindowsXP has finally done it.

2008, the world is using computers, 11 million units, 70% or more computers running WindowsXP operating system. This means that nearly 800 million computers are running WindowsXP, making it the most widely installed operating system. So, wants to eliminate the impact of WindowsXP to users is very difficult, especially for those around WindowsXP deployment and integration of IT departments for applications.

And, believe it or not, WindowsXP actually in the coming years will expand its market share. Why? In later years, low-cost portable Notebook And access the (netbooks) will be flooding the market. While these inexpensive machines sufficient to provide a comfortable online experience, but for most users, they do not have enough resources to run WindowsVista, so they had to choose to use WindowsXP or Linux. Intel expects portable notebook computers and the Internet market will be the rapid development in the coming year.

3.Vista too slow

Over the years, many developers and IT professionals have criticized Microsoft’s “software surplus” — the software changes and adding too many features to make the software has become large and unwieldy.

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