Five Security Updates Incoming On March Patch Tuesday

notification for the March set of Patch Tuesday updates, confirming that it plans to fix the Internet Explorer flaw that was discovered in the middle of February, once and for all. The company issued a small Fix It patch for both IE9 and IE10, but that was a manual download. Microsoft has received reports of a limited number of attacks utilizing this particular exploit, but only targeting Internet Explorer 10. In any case, this vulnerability will finally be history this coming Tuesday. Five total updates will be issued from the Redmond offices on March 11 — two of them deemed Critical, while the remaining three labeled as Important. These fix problems in a variety of Microsoft software including Silverlight and various versions of the Windows operating system. As is the norm, detailed information on what is being fixed is not provided, so as not to alert hackers and cybercriminals before the updates go live. But we should find out the full details next week.]]>

Written by Hamid Khan

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