Fixed KB2817630 Update Now Being Delivered To Users

Microsoft has just reissued one of the more notable botched updates that skipped past quality control on Patch Tuesday earlier this month. The correct KB2817630 patch is now being delivered to users.

This is the same fix that caused an empty Navigation Pane in Outlook 2013, as we detailed earlier.

Soon after Redmond rolled it out, lots of users started reporting issues they encountered in Outlook 2013 on official and unofficial channels. Microsoft looked into the matter and confirmed that it was investigating the issue.

In the meantime, users turned to simple workarounds like removing, uninstalling and hiding the update from their Windows computers.

The correct version of the patch is now being delivered to users using the Windows Update option. Microsoft explained this, saying:

“This issue occurs because a reference is matched to the wrong data structure. This causes the minimize button in the Navigation pane to be rendered at a size that is larger than expected. Therefore, the minimize button prevents the Navigation pane from being displayed.”

So if you are yet to install this patch, you can safely do so by restoring the entry in the Windows Update tool on your Windows PC.

Another important fix expected in next month’s Patch Tuesday cycle is for the Internet Explorer vulnerability that has been causing problems around the globe. The company has already released a hot fix for this, but a complete solution is expected early next month.

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