Fluent Design Appears On The Sign-In Screen

Good, bad, ugly? You tell. Microsoft, in its steady effort to bring the Fluent Design system to all parts of Windows 10, has brought the design to one of the more used areas of the operating system.

The sign-in screen.

This, the company revealed in build 18237, the Windows 10 Insider Preview version now available in the Skip Ahead ring of the program. It is also, obviously, also known as 19H1 — an early access for the feature update that will follow the October 2018 Update.

And while this version is understandably still pretty light on new features, the evident highlight is the arrival of the Fluent Design philosophy on the sign-in screen of the OS.

Looks rather fancy, as you can see below:

Build 18237 Sign-In

Acrylic is a way for Redmond to bring back some of those translucent effects that were popularized in Windows 7, and though it looks a bit out of place here, the company will certainly refine and test out different implementations to see what works best.

As things stand, Microsoft is of the opinion that the translucent texture of this transient surface helps you focus on the task.

Basically, moving the actionable controls up in the visual hierarchy, while maintaining their accessibility.

Other than that, the company has also a few other updates for Insiders. In the form of Microsoft Apps on Android that is now rebranded as Your Phone Companion app. This helps to maintain the visual connection between the mobile app to the feature on the PC.

Build 18237 Your Phone Companion

Microsoft is notorious for renames and rebrands, so the less said about this the better!

Your thoughts on these?

On the whole, these are early days for this version of the OS, so expect to see more new features once development of this update gets a bit more mainstream.

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