Fluent Design Coming To Desktop Programs

Microsoft is all set to evolve Fluent Design. The fresh new Windows 10 UI took some really big steps forward with the release of the latest version of the operating system.

April 2018 Update, that be.

But now, the software titan has revealed even bigger plans for the future at the BUILD 2018 developer conference, confirming that this new design philosophy would be expanded beyond the Microsoft Store applications.

In other words, developers will be able to add Acrylic and other effects to their Win32 based programs, even if they are not published in the store.

This should, in theory, help Redmond offer a modern experience across Windows 10. That’s because right now, the Fluent Design language has been limited entirely to Microsoft’s own apps, Windows 10 features or applications that are available in the Microsoft Store.

As Microsoft put it:

“Updates helping you support the Fluent Design System, so you can create immersive, deeply engaging experiences with Microsoft’s updated design language. Now every organization can make beautiful solutions that empower your customers to do more. With UWP XAML Islands, you can access the more capable, flexible, powerful XAML controls regardless which UI stack you use—whether it’s Windows Forms, WPF, or native Win32.”

Redmond has not provided too many details on how it plans to make it possible, and whether the first such programs will make their way out by the time Redstone 5 update is released.

For developers, though, this is sure to be a very big transition.

But quite welcome, nevertheless.

Let’s see.

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