Fonts Arrive On The Microsoft Store

The everything store? There’s a reason why Redmond renamed Windows Store to Microsoft Store, and it’s because the company wants to evolve this outlet beyond just apps and games.

Read up on the rebranding if you’re not familiar.

But long story short, Microsoft has been trying to make its store the one destination for everything, and the way to do that is to add new categories for users of the repository. We already have themes and hardware products added to the store, and now it looks like there is another neat little addition.


As pointed out, the software titan is experimenting by adding fonts to the Microsoft Store, in a move that would make it possible for users to download new typefaces with just a single click — without having to search for them online.

This is how the listing currently looks:

Microsoft Store Font

Arial Nova has found its way to the Microsoft Store, and by the looks of things, it seems that the font is displayed just like a regular UWP app. The listing comes with a small description, a screenshots section showing how it looks, along with information on compatible devices.

This one seems to be working with PCs, smartphones, HoloLens, and the Surface Hub.

That said, installing fonts is not yet allowed.

Clicking on the Get button does nothing right now, and it is clear that this is just a placeholder for now, and Microsoft is still experimenting. But considering how the company wants to expand the store with more categories, a fonts section only makes sense.

Take a look at the font listing here.

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