For the love of Pete! When will Windows XP die?!!

the death of Windows XP and my desire to see that. Seems like no one using XP was listening. By the end of March 2011, Windows 7 was powering 20.9 percent of corporate PCs, according to a new Forrester Research report, while Windows XP was on 60 percent of business PCs — down from 69 percent a year ago. Forrester’s report, “Corporate Desktop Operating System And Browser Trends, Q2 2010 To Q2 2011″ included results from Forrester’s analysis of more than 400,000 client PCs at 2,500 companies. The June 16 report includes 12 months of data collected between the start of the second calendar quarter of 2010 through the end of the first calendar quarter of 2011. As hardware continues to age, the Windows 7 deployment pace is accelerating, the Forrester researchers said, as “I&O (infrastructure and operations) teams tie their upgrade into the natural PC refresh cycle of their business.” On brand-new PCs being deployed by businesses, Windows 7 usage is even higher (at 31 percent). Forrester is predicting that number (Windows 7 deployment on brand new business PCs) will hit 83 percent within a year. Adding to the Windows 7 upgrade pace is the fact that Windows Vista is on its way out, the researchers said. “Windows Vista adoption peaked at nearly 14% in November 2009, and its share has since shrunk in half as firms upgrade their employees to Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1).” Windows XP share was also down among business users over the past year, Forrester noted, declining 9 points, to 60 percent. But XP still remains, by a long shot, the “most widely deployed desktop OS” among those surveyed. The stats [caption id="attachment_4361" align="alignnone" width="590"]forrester pc os share forrester pc os share[/caption] 60 percent! In 2011? No comment… Source]]>

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