Ford Using HoloLens For Automotive Design

It’s not the first time that HoloLens has been used to revolutionize and industrial process, but Ford has become the latest company to embrace the mixed reality device, calling it a powerful tool.

So much so that it is set to expand testing HoloLens in its design studios.

Microsoft took a moment to highlight this collaboration on the Windows Devices blog, revealing that Ford will be exploring the use and testing of the mixed reality device as part of the automaker’s push towards digital transformation and building better vehicles tomorrow.

The HoloLens will now be used in the Design Center, after a successful pilot this past year, which allowed its industrial designers and engineers the ability to visualize their concepts before building a physical clay model.

A very expensive and costly process, more so when changed need to be made.

Moray Callum, the Vice Oresident of Design at Ford, talked about this:

“It’s amazing that we can combine the old and new – clay models and holograms in a way that both saves time and allows designers to experiment and iterate quickly, to dream up even more stylish and clever vehicles. Microsoft HoloLens is a powerful tool for designers as we continue to reimagine vehicles and mobility experiences in fast-changing times.”

In addition to use in its design studios, Ford is also exploring how HoloLens can help its global teams collaborate — in real time, without risking any leaks of confidential information. Designers can also quickly evaluate certain elements of a new project by collaborating via the device.

HoloLens may still be far away from a consume release, but this latest development just goes on to show that Microsoft is well on its way to make this device an enterprise success.

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