Former Employees Tipped Microsoft Off About Australian Software Pirates

Microsoft is one of the few companies that suffer from massive software piracy of its products. Both Windows and Office are one of the most counterfeited software according to most surveys.

And expectedly, the company actively fights software piracy whenever and where it can.

The latest battle Redmond is fighting is in Australia. As we recently mentioned, Microsoft is suing four different radio stations in the Super Radio Network group, but it appears that the technology giant is currently pondering filing new lawsuits against some other radio stations.

What’s more, several former employees actually tipped off Microsoft and Adobe about the pirated software that was deployed on the workstations of some other radio stations. Both companies are now trying to pursue legal actions against all of them.

According to ZDNet, the counsel for the plaintiff detailed this at a recent hearing:

“There has been information provided by former employees of the prospective respondents that similar types of copyright infringement, as alleged in these proceedings, also occurred. There is a strong circumstantial case.”

Microsoft is said to have filed two different, what you would call “discovery requests”, to investigate computers. One of which is aimed at the four radio stations involved in the original lawsuit.

Another one is reportedly supposed to help discover pirated software on the new stations that are allegedly using counterfeited installations of Windows.

The case is set to be decided in the near future, and should be interesting to see what becomes of it.

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