Former Microsoft Programmer Arrested For Leaking Windows 8 Code

charged with theft of trade secrets. The FBI claims that he leaked Windows 8 code to an unnamed French technology blogger back in the middle of 2012. He is also accused of leaking Redmond’s Activation Server Software Development Kit, which helps prevent unauthorized copies of Microsoft software, to the same blogger. Internal Microsoft investigators found out about the leak, and when they inquired Kibkalo about the leaks, he admitted to doing so. But Windows 8 is not the only operating system he leaked code for. Along with this, the former employee is also accused of leaking code from Windows 7 prior to its launch. And he so, in spy style. He is reported to have told the unnamed blogger that he snuck inside a building at Microsoft’s campus in Redmond, Washington and personally copied the files. Will you look at that!]]>

Written by Elaine Lee


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