Forrester Makes Some Windows 8 Predictions of its Own

Mark Benioff’s “predictions”, these seem less crazy. I actually think they might be pretty close for Windows Phone 8, though I really believe Microsoft has a shot at a much bigger percent of the tablet market if they play their cards right. I’m not saying that Windows Phone 8 couldn’t knock down Android in the next few years– it just seems less likely. It is more than possible for Microsoft to capture a larger chunk of the tablet space, though.We are already seeing solid sales from the Microsoft Surface and it isn’t even officially out yet. The reality is that Windows 8 is a very different animal from previous Windows and even previous tablet operating systems. It is IMPOSSIBLE to accurately say how consumers are going to view them. Sure, we have an idea by now, but we really might not know for sure until sometime in 2013. What do you think of Frank Gillet’s claims? Reasonable or just as far-fetched and off-the-mark as analysts like Benioff? [ source ]]]>

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