Forrester, StatCounter See Slow Start for Windows 8

reports from its survey of corporate IT buyers that Windows 8 lags substantially behind other Windows OS launches at comparable stages of their life cycles. In 2009, Microsoft introduced Windows 7 as a replacement for Vista. Thereafter, half of corporate respondents said they expected to switch to the Windows 7. For Windows 8, that number is down to just 25% and only 5% said they would update to Windows 8 within the next 12 months. StatCounter Global Stats also states that Windows 8 Internet usage share is behind its predecessor Windows 7 one month after launch. They found that by 26th November 2012 Windows 8 had a worldwide Internet usage share of 1.31% compared to 4.93% achieved by Windows 7 one month after its launch in 2009. In the United States, Windows 8 accounted for 1.77% of internet usage after one month in contrast with 5.21% for Windows 7 following its introduction. Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter, stated;

“Microsoft has reported license sales of 40 million for Windows 8, however this has not yet translated into significant usage figures. This may be due to sales to manufacturers rather than to end users so Windows 8 may well get a boost over the December holiday buying season.”
Globally, Windows 7 accounted for 52.4% of all OS usage on November 26th, followed by Windows XP on 26.5%. In the US Windows 7 had 49.48% followed by XP with 16.07% which was just ahead of Mac OS on 15.48%. This must make tough reading for Microsoft, but one could argue that it had to be expected, with Windows 7 being still so early in the adoption cycle. Do you agree?]]>

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