Fortune Crowns Microsoft As The 75th Best Company To Work For

The fine folks over at Fortune just released their official Best 100 Companies to Work For in 2013 ranking. All the usual suspects made the cut, with Google retaining its leading position.

Microsoft has been slotted in 75th place, and while it may seem a few leagues low, it isn’t when you consider that companies like Apple and Facebook did not even make the cut.

75th place doesn’t look too bad now, aye?

Here are the good words Fortune had to say about Microsoft:

“The company’s campus outside Seattle has a new health center with primary care, a pharmacy, a chiropractic clinic, lab tests, and wellness coaching.”

Microsoft came in 76th in last year’s rankings, so this year definitely is a small upgrade.

The Redmond technology titan has more than 94,000 employees worldwide. And along with the above perks, employees regularly receive gifts like free Windows 8 devices —Windows Phone and Surface tablets — and more.

The work environment and benefits were enough for Microsoft to land 5th on the list of best global companies to work for last year, published by the consulting firm, Great Place to Work Institute. In fact, the Redmond giant came in first the year prior, 2011.

The choice was based on the institute’s studies of employee surveys, company policies and practices.

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