Friday Giveaway – 5 licenses of Handy Backup Home Standard

So the makers of Handy Backup software have reached out to our readers to offer us some reasons to check out their software.

So what is Handy Backup?

From the vendor:

Handy Backup™ Home Standard is a software utility that will back up most important documents and programs on your computer – while you sleep, work, or have fun!

With a rich set of features and well-thought user interface, the program is known as one of the best backup software for home and office PCs.

Some of the features of this software program..


  • Back up files, folders
  • Rich functionality related to email backup:
    • Outlook/Outlook Express Backup
    • Windows Mail Backup
    • Mozilla Thunderbird Backup and much more…
  • Variety of free plug-ins to back up Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Photoshop and other applications!
  • Back up pictures, Powerpoint presentations, media files and whatever you want through file filtering
  • Back up websites that you can access via FTP, through the backup from FTP feature
  • Variety of Backup Storage Media

Storage Media

  • Backup to various storage devices: HDD, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, HD DVD, FTP, network drives
  • Backup to external drives (USB, FireWire and Flash backup)
  • Integrated Remote Backup Service
  • Management and Control Functions

Management and Control Functions

  • Backup verification after burning to optical discs
  • Run as Windows service
  • Email notifications
  • Backup with timestamps
  • Other program to run before/after running the tasks
  • Backup of missed tasks

and much more…

Check out HandyBackup Pro here.

Like I said, we have 5 full licenses for Handy Backup Home Standard.

All you have to do is..

  • Leave a comment below letting me know why you deserve a free license
  • Tweet this page out on Twitter with the phrase “Free Handy Backup software giveaway on”
  • Facebook Like this article (below)
  • Google +1 this article (below)

I’ll share the licenses with the winners next week.

Note – DONT FORGET TO MAKE SURE YOUR COMMENT ID (below) has your email address associated with it.

I will need to contact you via email.

By the way, I’m planning to kick it up a notch. I have a TON of vendor licenses I haven’t given away so watch this space every Friday going forward.

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