Full Resolution Photo And Video Backup Coming To Windows Phone 8 Worldwide

While Windows Phone 8 already provided users the ability to back up any photo or video taken by the smartphone to a SkyDrive account, users in only select few countries could do so until now.

But now Microsoft is ready to roll out this feature worldwide, to all markets.

The company detailed this in a post on the Windows Phone blog saying that full resolution photos and videos can now be uploaded and backed up by users worldwide to SkyDrive accounts for the first time:

“As you can imagine, backing up high-res photos and videos involves a lot of data. To ensure we could provide a quality experience in each market, we deliberately took things slow and planned a staged roll out of the feature.”

Those of you interested in this feature should know that the rollout is just beginning, meaning there is a chance that you may not see it right away on your smartphone. But it will come to all countries soon.

You can take advantage of this feature by going to Photos > More > Settings > SkyDrive, where you will be shown a menu similar to the image above. Here you can turn the option on. Then simply hit the ‘Best quality’ button to start uploading your videos and photos in the highest available resolution.

The only catch is that this feature requires WiFi connectivity — maybe Microsoft will change this in the future, and give users (that need it) the option of cellular.

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