Game Developer Criticizes Microsoft’s Windows Phone Strategy

Game Troopers is one of the more popular developers around. They came to the Windows Phone platform in good faith a couple of years ago, launched titles, and found notable success.

All that said, things really have not been going well for Microsoft’s mobile OS lately.

In fact, the company actually acknowledged the demise of its platform, while at the same time confirming that it has no plans to ship new features for its operating system or new hardware devices that run it.

The end result being that both users and developers have now started to switch to other platforms.

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And Game Troopers CEO Jesus Bosch talked about this in an interview with a Spanish outlet, where he explained that despite the commitment the developer showed for the platform, Redmond had an entirely wrong strategy in place that completely destroyed the chance of its mobile push to succeed.

His words:

“Microsoft has done a lot of bad things with Windows Phone, from an engineering point of view – with so many breaking changes on the platform – and from a commercial point of view – the way they treated very loyal developers like Game Troopers and how the company tried to attract others. These were all wrong.”

Bosch also touched upon how Joe Belfiore recently admitted the demise of the Windows Phone platform, saying that Microsoft should have done this sooner:

“The decision does not surprise me. I would add that it was time for Microsoft to be brave and honest with the community. But it’s better late than never.”

Mismanaging of a platform aside, the company has said that while its games are available on the Windows Store right now, they are currently evaluating things and considering their options. In other words, there is a good chance that some of these titles will be removed in the near future.

In the meantime, you can see their creations on their website, most of which had been made available to Windows Phone users.

Now, that’s commitment.

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