Gamers Quick To Upgrade To Windows 8

If there is one demographic you can count on to be quick to upgrade to a newer version of an operating system, it is gamers. PC gamers seem to be moving in fast to Windows 8 in their quest to extract the last ounce of performance.

The latest Net Applications data revealed that Windows 8 is slowly increasing its market share, but Microsoft’s newest OS is lighting fast in making its mark in the gaming community as the newest statistics by Valve for its Steam platform indicate.

More interestingly, users are dumping Windows 7 to move to the newer platform.

A look at the Steam survey shows that Windows 8 is sitting at a nifty 10.67 percent, up from the 9.63 percent recorded last month. Windows 7 is losing ground, slowly, yes, as it currently boasts a 68.51 percent hold of the Steam market.

But this is something that is dropping on a monthly basis. Back in January 69.73 percent of Steam users were running Window 7, a figure that dropped to 69.31 percent a month later.

Surprisingly, Windows XP still remains somewhat popular. The vintage OS is currently installed on 8.72 percent of the computers running Steam, though this figure is also quickly falling.

Windows XP had a share of 9.33 percent in February, and a high 10.05 percent in January — so a one percent decline means a large number of people moving away from the old operating system.

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